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Just One Winter
(A/N) Hey again! Updates won’t be coming as soon as I’d like since my new semester in school has me doing homework constantly, but I will be trying very hard to get chapters up soon.  A special thanks to my beta nuttyspace (from Deviant Art), and katherine0301 (also from Deviant Art, and fanfiction .net)

Key: (y/n) = your name. (e/c) = Eye colour. (h/l) = Hair length. (f/n) = Friends name. (bf/n) = best friends name

----------Chapter 4----------

“Would you like to come in?”

What have I done? You scream in your head, and try to keep your face as natural as possible. But can physically feel it turning a bright red. God, you hated when that happened.

Jack smirked while looking directly into your (e/c) eyes.

“Yeah,” he said and held your bags for you.

You drop your gaze and start to rummage through your pockets for your house key.

After finding it and getting the door open, you take back your bags, kick the snow off your boots and kick them off.

You proceed into the kitchen to put the bags down, but notice that the boy is gone.

“Hey,” you called and started looking around for him. He did still have half your groceries after all.

You found him still standing in the door, letting all the cold air in. He seems to be looking around your house in wonder, like a kid in a candy shop.

“You gonna come in and help unpack all this?” you said, gesturing to the bags still in his hands. You gave him a smile when he finally looked over to you.

He kind of made a face of ‘oh yeah’, and proceeds to help unpack the groceries while you put them away into their designated places.

You both made light chit-chat over the things you bought, until you ask him:

“Hey, this is all really weird for me. I don’t even know who you are,” you say, feeling awkward for even bringing it up.

“Yeah, it’s different for me too. How about this; after you finish up doing… this”—he motions to all the food that still needs to be put away—“then we’ll talk, get to know each other, you know?”

Not that you’re complaining, but you kind of find the whole situation with this attractive boy strange. You’d love to get to know him better, and your gut is telling you ‘hell yeah!’ so:

“Why not?” you say with a wide grin. “I’d love to get to know you better, Jack Frost.”

Jack nodded and stood up from where he sat himself on the counter when he got bored earlier. He asked if he could just look around and chill while you finish up. You agreed and continued your work in the kitchen.

When you were done, you let the boy continue to wander around while you made lunch for yourself.

While grabbing things to make a sandwich, you called to Jack and asked if he’d like some. He answered with a simple no, and you continued.

After eating your lunch in the kitchen, you notice that your house is oddly silent.

Did he leave? you ask yourself, and set out around your house to find the boy.

There was no sign of him in any room.

“What the hell?” you ask aloud to no one in particular.

The last room you checked was your bedroom. There was a note placed on your pillow, and curiously, you walk up to it and read it:

Hey (y/n),

Sorry I had to leave so quickly. North called and needed me to leave ASAP. I’ll be back later tonight, so leave your bedroom window unlocked for me.

X Jack

You sigh heavily. Why was he always leaving? And who’s this ‘North’ person who made him leave so abruptly.

You go off to do things that you would normally do on days alone in your house. This included watching TV, surfing the internet, and listening to music.

Close to the end of the evening, you start to get ready for bed as always.

While walking around your house getting ready for the night, you read the note from Jack for probably the 100th time. After that you go to be sure that your window is unlocked for the 50th time.

“This is ridiculous,” you say aloud to yourself. You have quite literally just met this boy. He’s told you very little about himself, but yet you feel the strangest feelings for him.

Maybe this is the feeling that your friends are always talking about.

No, you think, that can’t be right. How can I already feel things for someone who I don’t even know yet!?

You shake your head, trying to get your mind off of him. But somehow, every thought turns into him. Maybe it’s because this is all new, and there is still that layer of mystery all over the situation.

“Stop it, (y/n)!” you try to say to yourself. You need to keep your mind on something else. What calms you down more than reading?

You hop into bed and begin reading from where you left off in your favourite book from the night before.

You get super cozy under all your blankets, that you actually do the unthinkable and fall asleep reading.

Your bedside light is still on, and your book is still open to your place. The spine is so worn out that it stayed like that easily with no need of a bookmark.

You’re completely out when Jack arrives at your window and nudges it open carefully.

Seeing that your light was still on, he assumed that you were still up, but stayed silent.  He jumped into your room with a silent thud that was completely undetected in your sleep.

Jack walked over to the head of your bed and saw that you were indeed sleeping.

He smiled a sweet smile and took the book off of your sheets, where it was clumsily left. He takes a quick look at it, but sees no interest in something like that. He closes it quietly and places it on your night table.

Before turning the light off, he fixes your sheets to make sure you were warm and comfortable.

In your sleep, you roll onto your side and into his arm, and sigh contently. With a smile still on his face, Jack removes his arm carefully and turns off your light.

He kisses the top of your head before he leaves your room, with the intention of heading off to the living room and taking a place on the couch until morning.

His cold lips on your warm skin slightly wake you up, and you peek through your eyelids just as he closes the door.

You smile knowing that he’s back and alright. Before shutting your eyes for the final time for the evening, you notice a little something moving in the corner, deep in the shadows.

Are those the same horses from yesterday? You ask yourself, but have no time to think of it anymore before you drift back to sleep.

However, your lovely dream from before was replaced with nightmares. The worst you’ve had in a long time.
Just one winter you saw him. It only took one winter to see what you needed to see. And all you needed to do, was believe. A story of friendship, and romance. Jack Frost X Reader

Please comment, it would mean so much to me!
PLEASE tell me if you see any spelling mistakes! It bugs me so much when i see mistakes!

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I think i've finally fixed the italic problems!
The story is also on my Fan account

I unfortunately do not own Rise of the Guardians, or any of the characters.

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(A/N) AHH! More fluffy cheese-y stuff. A little foreshadowing, and a little more plot development. Sorry this chapter took so long to upload! :(
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